Eco Friendly Trash Can Cleaning

“Every time you put something into your trash bin and haul it to the end of your driveway you are exposed to harmful bacteria. When this occurs, you are allowing insects to breed in the dirty bins and migrate which then can spread germs into your home. That bad odor emitting from your trash is a gas given off by bacteria living on the surface of your trash bins. The solution is simple... getting your bins cleaned on a regular basis will maintain hygiene, remove odors, and prevent the spread of disease, bacteria, and migration of vermin to your garbage container. Our affordable and convenient service takes away the worry and gives your trash bins the most thorough cleaning it will get. With our bio-degradable cleaning solution and our high-pressure jets we clean off grime which bacteria thrives on. Sanitation plays an important part in protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. There is no easier or more effective way of maintaining a high level of hygiene and more importantly not having to handle it yourself.”